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  • Enterprise mission
  • Enterprise values
  • Core values
  • vision
  • target
  • advantage
  • Enterprise mission

    Continuous innovation, adhere to the quality

    Dedication to safe, green and healthy food for consumers

    Create greater value for society, for businesses and for employees

  • Sense of worth

    Career attitude: Innovation

    Spiritual quality: honesty

    Value standard: quality

    Team relationships: trust

  • Core values

    Let love know, love road

    Love is the responsibility of love Taoist with strong sense of responsibility and good product quality

    Love is to give love people are willing to pay, dedication, effort of team members trust each other

    Love is the most precious love Taoist honest frank and inclusive, to cultivate a noble quality of integrity

    Love is love to focus on Taoist spirit of innovation, focus on the National Health Service

  • vision

    At the top of a high-tech industrial China plant functional component extraction and Application

  • strategic target

    A plant functional components extraction and application in the field of leading brands.

  • Strategic advantage

    Base: there are 100000 mu planting base in west dongting, with government support resources, once established development goals, planting base can rapid response, to support the enterprise strategic target of bank efficiency.

    Research and development: since 2005, we have conducted systematic scientific research on artichokes. Over the past 12 years, we have invested nearly 30 million yuan in scientific research. And set up the only "artichoke engineering technology research center" in China.

    Production: currently has the domestic leading assembly line production equipment, the future product line extension also has the rich resource reserves.

    Quality: have many years of export products production and management, product quality has international standard, the product quality control has rich experience.

    Capital: after years of development, whether the enterprise itself or the decision-makers themselves have established a good reputation, the future of industry expansion has obvious advantages in policy and financing.