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Ai ke dao Brand story

The Empire of ancient Rome originated more than 2000 years ago

All the love, not Weakness lends wings to rumours.

Everything should start with the ancient Rome Empire more than two thousand years ago.

More than two thousand years ago, the warriors of Rome, along the Mediterranean coast, discovered a plant with purple flowers. They were instantly attracted by this magnificent plant, and they were taken down to the nobility.
Then, the court chef found that this special plant can not only appreciate, but also have edible value, in order to show their superb cooking, the chef will make this plant delicious, to enjoy the nobility

ori gin

With the replacement of dynasties, the changes of the times, this strange and nice plants began to be known to the world, until now, one of the oldest food it is still known to mankind, and has used recorded in the ancient Greek medical books.

In the mystery of the Aegean coast, there is a legend about it, they think it is the incarnation of the goddess of the cynara.

In Lahti Spogli, Ladispoli, Italy, there's a small town full of this plant, and it's famous for that.

According to legend, artichoke is the incarnation of the goddess Sinara
Leg end
Marilyn Monro, an international film star, also spoke for him

Western countries and regions have a considerable history of its research, it is even one of the essential ingredients of the Royal state of Europe yan. In Castro, Castroville, major festivals are held every year to express feelings of affection and gratitude. in 1849, the international film star Marilyn Monro also spoke for it , it is generally believed that it has a mysterious power, can make people become more beautiful and sexy. Today, it has been widespread in the import of health care drugs, food, in western countries, such as flower shops, restaurants and even large supermarkets, can be seen everywhere its shadow.

Popu lar

In November 8, 2005, Chinese President and his wife accepted the invitation of the queen of England to arrive at Buckingham Palace in london. night, held a grand banquet in the palace, presided over by the queen personally. The state banquet, all kinds of delicacy which has a a superb collection of beautiful things, unique dishes, it is like a huge bud, like a shy girl , and truffle and other valuable delicacies put together at the dinner table, delicate and beautiful.

Buckingham Palace state banquet unveiled
Nati onal

The“Artichoke”,highly respected in the international market, The domestic market but little-known.

Ai ke dao opens first person

For the development of health first, the green health Chinese species introduction, AIC began operations in a timely manner to human, a contribution for the health of the Chinese people. In 2005, the leadership of the company in Spain are investigated in detail, and the introduction of artichoke varieties, breeding and planting began to try. Over the past three years, until 2008, the company has begun to take shape, solve the construction land, planting technology, product processing and other aspects of the problem, and invested heavily in the introduction of the most advanced set of artichoke production line from Spain, and increase the size of the base.

Strive to shoulder the great task of health for the Chinese people

In more than 10 years, a number of studies and experiments are carried out to co major authoritative research institutions and experts, and strive to maximize the artichoke efficacy of the product, to shoulder the great responsibility for the Chinese people's health. Ten years of grinding sword, have to say, this love is heavy. To this end, great love, the company also paid a continuous effort. Fortunately, hard work pays off, with in-depth study of artichokes, love Tao finally found a new weapon of healthy people.

In 2016, after more than 10 years of precipitation, Aike Biological Technology Co., Ltd. was formally established. The company invested nearly 600 million yuan, started construction of 150 thousand tons of fruit and vegetable intensive processing, quality and safety guarantee construction project. The same year, successfully held the second session of the Chinese - West Dongting artichoke health cultural tourism festival and the second artichoke biotechnology forum.

The future, the research and application of Aike road will continue to focus on the function of pure natural plant ingredients, in order to improve the physical condition improve people as the ultimate goal, for the health of the Chinese people to protect the health, open up a new road.
Ai ke dao people believe in love, and that love is not a slogan, but to put into action, the best way to love a person, action is the guardian of his health.